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For the digital management & organisation of office workplaces in Flex Offices.

SHARE YOUR WORKPLACE WITH COLLEAGUES makes it easy for you to get the most out of your space. Our highly flexible cloud solution for desk sharing in the Flex Office offers you a user-friendly, intuitive interface for you and your colleagues. With, the hybrid workplace model including desk sharing is easily possible and you can simply book any place you like in the Flex Office and use it for your desired period of time. Use and discover the New Work with now.


This app is the access to your office workplace in the Flex Office, making desk sharing in your company even more convenient and easier!

Simply log in to your workplace via the app and book your workplace.


Forget spreadsheets and outdated workplace management tools.

The app is secured by your Microsoft login.

This app is available to members only.

As a user please refer to: if you aren't registered yet.

As an administrator follow the instructions on:

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Бұл бағдарлама пайдаланылған кезде, ол
  • Интернет арқылы деректер жібере алады
  • Бұл бағдарлама белсенді хабарда телефон нөмірлері, пошта мекенжайлары немесе URL мекенжайлары сияқты жеке ақпаратқа кіре алады. Бағдарлама осы деректерді үшінші тарап қызметіне жібере алады. Пошта жәшігіндегі басқа элементтер оқылмайды және өзгертілмейді.

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