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Make and share web booklets with your class.

How Livebooklet Works.

Nothing to download, no hosting to worry about, just make your web booklet with our simple online designer then share an easy-to-remember web address with students, faculty, and parents.

Make Your Booklet

Using our simple booklet designer, you can drag and drop text, images, videos, audio, code, and more to make a multipage web booklet. If you already have a document, just upload it and we'll automatically convert it to a livebooklet.

Get A Unique Web Address

Once your booklet is finished, give it an easy to remember web address you can share with students, parents, and faculty. Your booklet lives on its own web page and can be viewed with any modern web browser on phones, tablets, and computers.

Share It Everywhere

Your booklet can be shared on social networks, sent in email, and even embedded into your own private classroom page. You can even download your livebooklet as a PDF for offline viewing.

Student accounts are always free. Teachers can upgrade to our paid plan to remove ads and connect students to their classroom.

Made for today's digital student.

From any modern web brower, a student can make a multipage web booklet with text, images, videos, audio, and more, for free.

Features for Teachers

Livebooklets Are Easy To Make

Our easy to use booklet designer lets you make booklets with drag and drop simplicity or just upload an existing document and watch us magically turn it into a multipage web booklet you can add more interactive content like videos.

Don't Stress About Technology

You don't have to worry about technical issues like hosting or downloading proprietary software. Just go to and log in. Every livebooklet gets an easy to remember web address that will work on any modern browser on a phone, tablet, and computer.

Your Classroom

With a teacher account, you can connect to student accounts and manage their booklets. You'll have full editorial control over the booklets they make. Since authoring a booklet takes place in the cloud, you'll be able to monitor their progress every step of the way.

Make Templates

Make a booklet and you can turn it into a template to help students get started. Just copy your template into a student account and they just have to replace the images and copy with their own content, not stress over layouts and presentation.

Classroom Gallery

Your classroom gallery has a unique web address to share with students, parents, and faculty. Highlight lesson plans or display all the student booklets for a specific project. Its up to you what you highlight on your classroom gallery.

Single Sign On

No more forgotten passwords. Use your login credentials for Google, Office 365, Facebook or Yahoo to log in and keep your information private.

Connect Unlimited Students

There is no limit to the number of students you can connect to your account. You can see all of their booklets on your livebooklet dashboard, their booklets no longer have third party advertising, and you can track their progress on making a booklet in realtime.

Share Livebooklets Anywhere

You can share your booklets with one click through email, on social networks, on your classroom gallery, and in your own blogs and school portals. Embed your booklet like you do a youtube video anywhere you want.

Never Expire

Any booklets, even connected student accounts, will never expire.


You can control the sharing and features found on each livebooklet's landing page. Add passwords, remove sharing buttons and more.

Teacher account includes

Everything in Student, and:

make up to 200 booklets

save to PDF

connect unlimited student accounts to your classroom

no advertising on any booklets (including connected student booklets)

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