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Send Me Free is an app created to help you email documents directly from document libraries.

Send Me Free is a SharePoint app created to make document management easy and productive. How many times you have been tasked to send documents from your SharePoint library in email? Familiar with routine steps to download your documents before you can send them? If so, here is your new tool, which will help you to eliminate all of those unnecessary steps.

Send Me Free provides easy to access context menu for single document or ribbon custom action to send the whole library if you wish.

State of the art email field will help you to find person you are looking for across whole SharePoint environment. Do you want to send emails to your external customers? Not a problem. We are using the most secure and reliable email delivery system – SendGrid, which sends millions of email everyday on behalf of companies.

Making archives on the fly. Do you have a folder with 50 files and you want to send them all at once? Easy! Just tick the right box before sending email and all your files will be archived and attached automatically.

In the next release:

Adding support for Lists.

Adding Gmail support for accounts.

Adding PDF, Excel convert options for List items.

Please note that you can either install the Send Me app online or in your on premises SharePoint environment.

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