Office365Mon Search Monitor


Monitors the Search service in your Office 365 tenant

The Office365Mon Search Monitor works in conjunction with the Office365Mon monitoring solution, which you can find at Many times you may have custom applications or even out of the box web parts that are dependent upon successful search queries. When you had an issue you had no idea if the query was just running really slowly, maybe it's no longer returning results, or maybe your content just hasn't been indexed yet.

The Office365Mon Search Monitor application is designed to allow you to do things like monitor how long queries are taking, based on a custom query that you provide. Any query that takes longer than a threshold you define will result in a notification being sent out to you and, if you have it configured, a webhook event firing. You can also get notified when your query either returns no results, or when the results from your query change.

In addition to that, you can monitor how quickly the search index for your tenant is getting updated. There are a half dozen reports to help you stay on top of all the monitoring results, as well as support to review the data in Power BI on Office 365 or programatically retrieve the data as JSON or CSV using our API.

Office365Mon Search Monitor allows you to stay In the Know and In Control of your Search service in Office 365.

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