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A Simple And Easy Way to Manage Your Intra-organizational Tickets

Help Desk Pro is a simple and user friendly add-in which works with SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint online (Office 365). It is a free to use productive tool through which employees (Users) can communicate with different departments among the organisation via raising support tickets, questions, incidents, etc.

Through Help Desk Pro Users, Experts and Administrator can also track the status of the raised ticket till closure, with many more upcoming useful features Help Desk pro is an efficient support ticket monitoring tool for intra-organizational use which can provide you the solution for creating and managing intra-organizational tickets.

Key Features

1) Ability to create unlimited tickets.

2) Ability to add unlimited users.

3) Ability to assign roles to users.

4) Ability to Add, Update, Delete “Category”.

5) Ability to Add, Update, Delete “Status”.

6) Ability to Add, Update, Delete “Priority”.

7) Ability to Add, Update, Delete Ticket Type.

8) Role-based access to the features.

9) Ability to attach files.

10) Free support.

Please feel free to reach out to us at in case of any question or query.

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