Simply access to your knowledge base content without leaving Office.

Use your company's knowledge to save time on your responses to RFPs and your document creations.

Thinkeo's knowledge base is based on a natural language search engine to allow users to drastically reduce the time to search for information from Word, Power-Point, Excel and Outlook. The user now avoids repetitive tasks and low value tasks.

With the Office plug-in, the user no longer leaves Office and can:

- Rely on old RFP responses to respond to new questions and new requests.

- Rely on verified content to ensure quality compliant responses.

- Automatically insert blocks of content corresponding to the subject or the questions asked

- Save new content from Office directly to your Thinkeo knowledge base.

Concretely, the user can:

- Perform a manual search,

- Click on content to launch a search,

- Click on a content of the database, choose the version that suits him best and insert it in the document or in the cell that suits him.

Access to the Thinkeo Plug-in requires a Thinkeo subscription and active knowledge base content. For any contact, information or question, go to:

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