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Remediate & Manage Data Quality Issues Through Collaboration.

Who is BaseCap?

BaseCap’s mission is to help organizations make better business decisions by improving the accuracy and the quality of the information they rely on. Our Platform allows users to identify what are the corrective measures to remove duplicates, ensure completeness and accuracy, and validate data against reference tables.

How do we integrate with Microsoft Teams to solve for Data Quality?

BaseCap is bringing the power of its Issue Management solution to Microsoft Teams. Access your company’s issue data from within Microsoft Teams through our custom Tab. Leverage the capabilities of the Tab to stay in control and connect with key stake holders. Orgs that use BaseCap DQM are 3x more effective at identifying and resolving DQ issues.

Where has this been used before?

Within the financial space, the moment a loan is identified for review, its entire dataset is subjected to a 100% automatic review: validating first whether all required documents are in hand, comparing against all captured document data attributes, performing guideline checks, and reviewing specific investor requirements - all summarized by an overall portfolio health score. The Platform also provides intelligent root cause analysis and remediation suggestions, while supporting a collaborative approach to resolve data issues at the source.

Can you tell me more about the Microsoft Teams Integration?

When using the Microsoft Teams Tab you can connect to your BaseCap Platform Data Quality Issues by providing your BaseCap Platform API URL. Once you add your API URL, you can then view and manage your Issues. Assign issues to users within the platform by clicking the 'Edit' Button, then searching for new 'Owners' and assigning them by clicking 'Save'. When you have resolved an Issue, you can click 'Edit' and provide a resolution text that will then be pinned to the top of the discussion thread on the issue once saved. This enables users in the future to find how issues have been resolved in the past if they reoccur. If you find an Issue that you don't want to be alerted about, you can 'Snooze' the issue which will hide it from your main filters.

A BaseCap Platform Account is required in order to use this application, without, you are able to view a demo with static views to see what the application looks like. In order to obtain a BaseCap Account, please reach out to us at

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