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Focus on your content instead of the format. Let's create Thesis template by one-click.

Integrated Thesis & Research Management System (iThesis) was developed in 2016 in order to manage thesis template, submission process, and research information.

iThesis platform facilitates university as:

  • Preparing a thesis template according to the specified document format
  • Supporting the preparation of a thesis plan
  • Providing on thesis submission to advisor and officer for 3 steps: proposal, draft, and complete
  • Recording of the examination results, thesis information, and dissemination allowance
  • Creating the ready-to-transfer files and Dublin core to import to university repository which allows open access literature search

This iThesis add-in is for creating a Thesis template provided by the university using iThesis platform. Users must be a student and have the authentication account to login and use this add-in. 

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