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Advanced Network Visual (Light Edition)


3.6 (17)

Easily create interactive networks from category-based data

Use the Light edition of the Advanced Network Visual to quickly look at category-based data from a different perspective. Spot the main contributors and outliers, and use interactive features to explore data in detail. Switch to Full Edition of the visual for a more refined data exploration experience and rich customization options.

Features Available in the Light Edition:

  • Category-based visualization – add up to 6 data categories
  • Force-feedback layout – examine data points effortlessly with a layout preventing node overlap
  • Cross-filter - Select one ore many nodes to use the visual as a filter for whole report

Additional Features Available in the Full Edition:

  • Category based customization – set node type, shape, color and font
  • Link decorations – add direction to links and show their value
  • Separate “inside” and “outside” labels – define the location for node labels
  • Legend support – show and analyze up to 9 data categories
  • Full customization – customize nodes, links, node labels, categories, legends
  • Custom theme support- customize the visual to fit the style and requirements of your organization
  • Fill color settings – add depth and dimension for the entire visual
  • Bookmark support- save report view configurations
  • Cross-filtering - use visual to filter the rest of the dashboard
  • Filter control – choose to have the visual function as a filter
  • Drillthrough support - examine your data in detail

Get Full Edition here: https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/power-bi-visuals/WA104381942?mktcmpid=light

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