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valQ – Collaborate

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Self-service Business modelling suite for Connected & Collaborative Planning

ValQ – Collaborate is a self-service business modelling software enabling users to instantly model, visualize, plan, simulate, & analyze business performance for making accelerated real-time decisions.

ValQ – Collaborate helps enterprises to run simulations, plans & analysis in a visual and intuitive way. It supports use cases across various departments and functions, and is designed keeping in mind the analysis & decision-making needs of Enterprise users & executives without any dependencies on IT.

ValQ – Collaborate comes with a comprehensive planning, budgeting and forecasting solution with Azure SQL DB Synchronization for data storage.


- Model your business by capturing 1000+ business variables across functions in valQ (e.g. sales price, discounts, unit cost, production downtime)

- Visualize your business model instantly by connecting your Key Drivers to Key Performance Indicators

- Plan, budget and forecast your business operations efficiently and optimize your goals

- Simulate on-the-fly by making parameter adjustments, running & comparing multiple scenarios, and performing what-if analysis

- Run an in-depth and nimble Variance Analyses with minimal clicks

- Export the model, scenario and simulation data and publish on Microsoft Azure using standard Office365 integration

- Collaborate with other users through commentary; track and audit changes to the model

and many more...


Please visit: [https://valQ.com/pricing/](https://valq.com/pricing/) to choose from the wide range of our smart and flexible pricing options (Per-user pricing and Team - pricing models).

To find out the most suitable plan for you, please write to [sales@valq.com](mailto:sales@valq.com).


- Bring your data and visualize your business in minutes

- Does not require additional IT infrastructure or support and is fully self-sufficient as a custom visual for Microsoft Power BI

- Has pan-organizational application covering C-Suite, Sales, Finance, Operations, Procurement & Human Resources

- Use cases include Strategic Planning, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Forecasting & Budgeting, Demand Planning, Sales & Operations (S&OP) Planning, Territory Planning, Quota Planning, Workforce Planning, Integrated Business Planning and more

Supports desktop, tablet & mobile devices


- Visualize, simulate, plan and analyse your business like never before.

- Executive-friendly, highly intuitive visual unlike complicated excel models or traditional planning software


*POWER BI 2.69.5467.1251* onwards

We have compiled the installation and sample models to help users explore valQ for Microsoft Power BI.

To get started with valQ, please visit: [Get Started](https://valq.com/get-started/)

For any technical queries, please write to [support@valq.com](mailto:support@valq.com).

For sales related queries, write to [sales@valq.com](mailto:sales@valq.com).

Be a part of our online community: [https://community.valQ.com](https://community.valq.com/) and get all your questions answered.

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