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Review progress across categories and in hierarchies with individual targets

In all industries, it is common to set targets up front before working towards them. Advanced Linear Gauge by MAQ Software allows you to show progress towards a target value, i.e., whether sales for each commodity type are hitting their set targets. Users can use a comparison measure for plotting an inner bar and up to 5 more targets to analyze. They can also add a category hierarchy to drill up and down in the visual.



  • Customizable primary gauge and data labels.
  • Colored primary bars based on category; ability to respect gauge color for all elements.
  • Customizable axis and category labels.
  • Ability to plot 1 measure as the target.
  • Customizable target and target labels.
  • Selection support on primary bar and category labels.
  • Tooltips to display more information on the primary bar and category labels, with the ability to turn off default values.
  • Supports all PBI formats for dates, KMB.
  • Supports context menu.


  • Use up to five fields in Targets, with specific settings for each.
  • Ability to plot an inner Comparison gauge.
  • Color rules – set the primary bar color according to comparison, first or last target values.
  • Customizable connecting bars to align multiple targets.
  • Customizable display ratio – under the Gauge options setting in the format pane.

Business Use Case:

  • Financial services: Track budget consumption against allocated budgets for the year or quarter.
  • Sales: Track daily or weekly progress against sales goals for the year or quarter.
  • Marketing: Track progress on impressions, views, and clickthrough against the marketing campaign targets.
  • Operations: Track daily output against daily or weekly goals.

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