Image by CloudScope


Display beautiful data-bound images with tooltips and links using urls from your Power BI reports.

Image is designed to bring your compelling images into relevant locations in your Power BI report.

Does your dataset include links to images? These could include company logos, product images, employee photos and more. Using Image, you can display these images right within your reports.

If your data includes other fields, you can add a tooltip to the image, or turn it into a clickable link that will direct users to a relevant URL.

Image includes a variety of formatting options designed to highlight your images in the best way. You can add borders, stretch and fill images, and turn them into round icons.

Image works with a variety of image formats, including jpg, png and svg. Anything that the Power BI browser supports. Image works with both http/https links, as well as embedded images in base64 and other formats.


The basic features of Image by CloudScope are free to use and do not require a license.

There are several advanced features that do require a license. These features include:

  • Filters
  • Support for multiple images

Filters enable you to alter the look of your image and create dramatic alternatives by changing the hue, color intensity and other settings. You can either choose a pre-defined filter or create your own settings.

Support for multiple images allow you to create a grid of images to place on your report page. You can align the images horizontally or vertically, and change their basic display presentation.

For more information about licensing or to purchase a license, please visit

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