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Generative AI driven natural language insights(NLG) in a few clicks with the Phrazor Power BI plugin

NOTE: We do not share your data with any third party models like ChatGPT. We can also deploy phrazor on your premises if security is a concern.

Introducing Phrazor Power BI Plugin, the ultimate solution for adding automated natural language insights on your dashboards.

Are you tired of spending hours manually creating insights and analyzing data in Power BI? Look no further! Phrazor Power BI Plugin is here to simplify your insight generation process by leveraging Generative AI like ChatGPT and save you valuable time.

Get immediate insights using our 6 types of analyses:

  • Descriptor: Analyze various measures on the basis of any dimension or time through Descriptor.


    • Top 5 Products by Sales

  • Change: Study and analyze growth or decline in a measure over time through Change.


    • Reasons for growth in Sales

  • Compare: Here you can compare values for specific measures and dimensions.


    • Two Periods: Compare one month with another for a specific Region

  • Target: The Target feature lets you measure variance between the target value and actual value for different dimensions.


    • Count of Regions below target

  • Budget: Budget provides spend visibility and analysis to reduce costs and improve results.


    • Products that have overspent/underspent

  • Budget: Budget provides spend visibility and analysis to reduce costs and improve results.


    • Products that have overspent/underspent

  • Trend: This alerts you to significant changes in trends, early warning signs, outliers so you can make proactive decisions to mitigate early risks.


    • Trend for Sales reversed after a point in time

Focus on what really matters:

  • Experience AI generated natural language data storytelling with Phrazor, making it simple for you to communicate insights to your team
  • Effortlessly create insights in just a few clicks with Phrazor Power BI plugin that uses Generative AI like ChatGPT
  • Personalize your insights using our intuitive interface, enabling you to customize them to suit your unique needs ensuring that you get the insights that matter most to your business.
  • Create tailored insights by selecting the insights that matter to you from various analyses or customized insights made on request.
  • Our advanced AI driven NLG algorithms guarantee accurate, concise, and relevant insights with actionable insights for informed decision-making.
  • Enjoy a secure and user-friendly experience with data protection and effortless insights creation
  • Choose from multiple deployment models, including Phrazor's Private Cloud and Customer-hosted Deployment behind their own firewall (on cloud or on premise), to best suit your business needs.


  • Save valuable time by automating and simplifying the insight generation process.
  • Create fully interactive narratives for all visualizations or underlying data not displayed on your dashboard.
  • Receive easy-to-understand and actionable insights through natural language insights
  • Free up time to focus on other important tasks with the automated insight generation process by Phrazor
  • Improve communication: Our natural language insights make it easy to communicate insights to your team, improving collaboration and decision-making.

Value proposition:

Phrazor provides exceptional value to businesses by leveraging Generative AI like ChatGPT and providing actionable insights via data storytelling that can be used to make informed decisions. Our plugin saves valuable time and increases productivity, allowing businesses to focus on growth and innovation. By improving communication and collaboration, Phrazor Power BI Plugin helps businesses achieve their goals faster and more effectively.

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