Bsure Insights: Optimizing Microsoft 365 License Costs, Entra ID Management, and User Security

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Offers valuable data insights, leveraging focus tables as your guide to prioritize key focus areas

Focus Areas:


    • Have you ever wondered how many of your users are active and where they sign in from?
    • Does all your users have a manager, a department or other key attributes needed within your organization?
    • How many inactive guest accounts still have access to your environment and your data?
    • Do you worry about the cost of your licenses being higher than necessary?
    • Organizations overspend on average 20% on their license cost.


    • How many users have privileged Entra ID roles, and where do they sign in from?
    • What about MFA on your users and especially on your privileged accounts?

Our product:
Have you ever wondered about any of the questions above? With just a few clicksyou can get the answers to all of them. This is what Bsure Insights can do foryou. The easy-to-use app gives you insights into all your users, licenseconsumption and potential savings as well as potential security threats.

Key features:

    • Complete user overview: See all members and guests in your organization, when they were created and when last sign-in.
    • User classification: Easily identify active, inactive and disabled users.
    • License reports: Get insights into all your licenses and potential cost savings.
    • Security: Get insight into admin roles or groups, users not registered with multi-factor authentication or other security perspectives.
    • Sign-in map:See where your users are authenticating from and how and what they consume from your Microsoft 365 environment.
    • Precise cost allocation: Generate department, country or other alternatives for allocation keys.

The self-service installation is a breeze and you can get started in less than 30 minutes.
You'll have access to your data right away, including reports on your company's overall license status, potential cost savings, user status and security features.
The Managed Application collects info about all your Microsoft 365 licenses and users in your Entra ID.

All data will be stored in a storage account in your own subscription under your control and will never be exported to third parties.

All new customers enjoy a 7-day free trial with no start-up or cancellation fees. You have the flexibilityto stop your subscription at any time.
Take control of your Microsoft 365 users and licenses and start saving moneytoday.

Bsure Insights consists of two separate modules:

Learn more:
Bsure Insights documentation

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