GDPR++ for Data Protection & Security

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Managing and Monitoring enterprise Data Security and Processing Risk to comply the new GDPR

GDPR++ is an Azure based tool, helping companies to keep data protection and cyber security under control.With an intuitive web inteface, privacy risk analysis and compliance will no longer be an headhache. The simple three stages process quickly allows to identify and to address organization flaws.

A dashboard represents the level of compliance with GDPR and the assessment of risk associated with the processing of personal data in order to addess the principal phases on the GDPR adaptation process and have a picture of the company compliance process.GDPR++ is based on privacy by design approach that enables a data protection outlook through the company’s business processes.

GDPR++ offers several modules:

  • Assessment Management: easily managing compliance auditing and assessment surveys, with self-created or ready-to-use ISO, GDPR, NIST checklists; additionally allows to extend compliance assessments surveys to external parties (e.g. suppliers or consultants);
  • Privacy Compliance: support data processors during the whole GDPR compliance process, by easily mapping privacy roles and actors, binding contracts, and data processing registry as required by GDPR EU laws;
  • Privacy Risk Analysis: a guided wizard support the analyst throughout data privacy impact analysis process; security threats and measures are proposed to smoothly conduct a deep security risk analysis on technical and non-technical utilized resources;
  • Consensus Gathering Campaigns: the application allow to create and manage both SMS and eMail campaingns, purposely designed to collect consensus or rights exercises from privacy interests owners;
  • Documents Storage: simple and intuitive storage for documents archiving, drag-n-drop documents and keep them available in a single place;
  • Remediation Planning: to reduce privacy related risks a remediation plan take note of ongoing activities as by results of a privacy risks analysis;


  1. Integrated approach to manage roles and responsibility in personal data processing and regarding processing purpose
  2. Risk Assessment methodology
  3. Structured management (Identify & Assess, Protect and Maintain)
  4. Action plan management


GDPR++ was developed with ASP.NET Core, a cross-platform, high-performance, open-source framework driven by Microsoft. The application has been designed with a multi-tenant, highly modular, architecture that allows Customers to activate modules and resources (e.g. database and storage) with a pay-as-you-go approach.

GDPR++ adopts a beautiful no-frills user interface, based on Semantic UI, that allows users to quickly familiarize with the application and be productive in a very short time.

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