Alinto Protect


Alinto Protect Security Relay protects your email domain

Work in complete security with Alinto Protect, the email relay that immunizes you from the risks of the Internet by ensuring permanent access to your emails.
Configurable with all professional messaging systems: Alinto, Office 365, GApps, Zimbra, etc.

Cleanmail® Inside technology and our global teams protect you from all email threats:

    Multiple Antivirus
    Attacks (DoS, Dictionary,..)

Access to the user interface allows to have :
A backup email box (within the framework of the BCP) allowing to consult its emails in retention and to send emails.
Spam management (quarantine zone).
An archiving box (1 year, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years) for incoming and outgoing emails.
Filtering and security rules that can be configured for each user.
The user then has access to various actions including 'Receive email' if it is a false positive. It is possible to access the note delivered by the antispam by displaying the source of the message considered as spam.

Administration side
The Alinto Protect solution allows a simplified but very precise management of your security policy. In a few seconds you can access your email logs and understand why an email is blocked in complete autonomy. If necessary, our customer service will help you to understand the information.
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