Aprimo Distributed Marketing

Aprimo ұсынады

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Aprimo Distributed Marketing (DM) manages branding components for efficient marketing campaigns.

Get the Aprimo Advantage

How can brands be relevant when 73% of global marketers consider managing channel partners a challenge?

They can with a local marketing strategy.

Aprimo Distributed Marketing provides local and channel capabilities, uniting content, campaigns, funds, and data to create a seamless process for brands and marketers. The leader in Through-Channel Marketing Automation technology, Aprimo DM helps organizations enable field reps, agents, partners, franchisees, distributors, branches, and stores to easily market at scale while maintaining control and visibility.

Key Advantages and Features:

Increase engagement with local markets and channel partners

  • Connect your entire local marketing ecosystem to what they need
  • Keep the local level engaged and in the know
  • Easy, scalable engagement to grow your community
  • Manage local marketers and partners

Gain control of your brand

  • Ensure content is on-brand and compliant
  • Provide on-demand access to print and digital content
  • Customize and co-brand for locally-relevant content
  • Automation of co-branded collateral and video streamlines processes
  • Enable easy and controlled execution of digital advertising at scale

Get the most of your channel funds

  • Brand governance over allocation, expiration, and usage
  • Encourage compliant and timely fund usage
  • Give the local level visibility to available funds
  • Easy execution of pre-approved marketing campaigns using marketing funds

Find, score, nurture, and close your leads

  • Enable your partners to easily generate and manage leads
  • Capture and synch leads between you and the local level
  • Distribute leads locally via push or pull distribution
  • Control the local level’s access and usage to leads with configurable rules
  • Convert more leads throughout the buyer’s journey

Gain more visibility

  • Optimize marketing activities based on detailed performance metrics
  • Track people, content, data, and funds to monitor performance
  • Understand how marketing budget is spent to more efficiently use local marketing funds

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