AzoraOne API

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Self-learning automation of data-entry for registering financial docs, embedded in your software

Looking for automation of data entry when registering financial documents in your/customers Accounting software/ERP? Use AzoraOne to empower that software with self-learning capacity!

The API-service can be used by a developer team at an accounting software company (or a partner building integration for clients) to achieve the data entry-automation for the end user. 

Self-learning algorithms of AzoraOne automated data-entry in the UI of the software – in real-time. By extracting values from financial documents and continuously building knowledge by observing human data entry (or learning from historical), hyper precise automation is achieved.

  • Get a solution to market quickly without the data cost of heavy ML models or uncertainty of OCR solutions

  • Low maintenance & data consumption

  • Time saving on a massive scale for the end user

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