Babylon Cloud Services

Babylon Partners Limited ұсынады

Introducing Babylon Cloud Services - single, flexible platform for sick care and healthcare needs.

Babylon Cloud Services is a suite of cutting-edge AI-powered digital-self-care software services that empowers patients to manage their health and enables clinicians to gain insights and information on their patients. Our digital-self care tools support patients both when sick and when well. 

  • Our AI symptom checker provides a 24/7 source of clinically-validated information to patients when they need it, including what condition might be troubling them and what they should do next.

  • Babylon's Healthcheck offers a comprehensive, digital-first health assessment that informs patients of which conditions they are at most risk and offers actionable next steps they can take to improve their health and decrease future risk of disease. 


Providers and payers who embed Babylon Cloud Services in their experiences can rest assured that patients receive accurate medical information when they need it most. We empower patients to care for themselves when possible or guide them through the health system if professional help is required. Notably, this enables resource-constrained providers to supply care to those who need it most, which drives better health outcomes and cost savings to payers and the entire health system. 

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