Build stronger business relationships through Teams & Outlook.

Too often advisory firms find their networking & approach to client relationship management is unmeasured, unplanned, uncoordinated & left to intuition. 
BeeCastle transforms how your team connects with clients & invests in relationships. Our relationship intelligence and management platform across iOS, Web & Teams will increase referrals, protect your business & ultimately drive more revenue.

We work to improve the remote relationship management of leading law firms, consultants, investment banks, relationship managers & many other organisations who rely on long term, trust based relationships. 

Our deep integration with Microsoft Outlook & Teams means your team can manage relationships using the platforms they know & love. 

How BeeCastle helps your team build stronger connections

With BeeCastle you can get more proactive about your relationship management through:
  • Structuring your relationships by importance & influence so you focus on what matters
  • Sophisticated relationship scoring that let's you identify & forecast the potential loss of a key relationship
  • Whole of organisation dashboards that allow you to asses the relationship health of your business
  • Intelligent coaching for you & your team on what to do next
  • Tracking key referrals so you can  nurture your businesses top source of revenue
BeeCastle works best for organisations who live within Teams, Outlook & their phone. Built for the modern relationship manager, it will allow you to:
  • Get rid of 'call reports' - Office 365 integration means all client meetings & emails are recorded automatically..
  • Get insights without changing where you work through our Teams & Outlook dashboards
  • Reviews & notes on the go - receive mobile app & email notifications post a meeting so you can quickly rate & write a note.
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