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BeeCastle helps MSPs to sell more of their solution stack to customers through data driven insights.

BeeCastle helps MSPs to sell more of their solution stack to customers through data driven relationship management, whitespace prospecting and a sales strategy informed by real-time insights.

- Customer engagement dashboards – know who your team have and have not been talking to, ensuring you meet your key account engagement KPI’s.

- Team activity indicators – get real-time and automated tracking of sales activities for each member of the team so you can have more meaningful 1-1’s

- Whitespace Prospecting – using real-time product and agreement data, understand what solutions have the greatest cross-sell opportunity, which customers are the best targets and feed those opportunities directly into your PSA.

- Free Revenue Insights – Make strategic leadership decisions based on growth trends, product penetration and revenue opportunity.

Following this 4-step methodology will bring more repeatable revenue growth to your MSP.

How BeeCastle works with Microsoft 365 and ConnectWise

  • ConnectWise remains as your system of record with our real-time API integration. We sync companies, contacts, invoices, products, and agreements into dashboards that allow you to make strategic decisions.
  • By combining ConnectWise and Microsoft 365 data you automatically get insight into how your team is engaged with your clients as we automatically record customer meetings, calls and emails.
  • Navigate the whole of BeeCastle inside the app you work in: Microsoft Teams
  • Use whitespace to understand what your customers have bought and what they’re missing in our real-time dashboards. Use this dashboard to identify opportunities and push them back into CW at a click of a button.
  • Establish structure in your next sales strategy meeting, develop expectations of engagement with your key clients and put together a targeted campaign based on where the biggest opportunity is.

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