Bosch Connected Building Services

Bosch.IO GmbH ұсынады

Bosch Connected Building Services serves as the software backbone to enable building IoT projects.


Bosch Connected Building Services connect equipment and building infrastructure, convert data into a uniform format, and create a digital map of the facility that serves to assess its current and historic condition. Building operators, owners, and users can easily put this data to productive use, for example, to find better ways to make the most of the building’s space.

  • Bosch.IO Connected Building Services create a holistic view of the entire building. They tap all data sources to this end, including facility management, lighting and ventilation systems, sensors, and many more.
  • The open approach readily accommodates third-party systems and devices, which can be connected centrally.
  • Connected Building Services are manufacturer-agnostic: They aggregate data from diverse devices in a single cockpit for easy access and convenient use. Different buildings are easily compared from this central vantage point.
  • Connected Building Services process data to suit various use cases, for example, to optimize space utilization, monitor parking, enhance comfort and convenience, enable easy navigation within the building, cut energy costs, and troubleshoot faults centrally.


Device manufacturer get insights on how to make their products more efficient, reduce service cost, increase customer satisfaction, and generate new business with recurring revenues.

Service provider learn about the performance of their services and can provide entirely new and more efficient services in the connected building.

Building owner are continuously informed about the status of their building and how it is being used.

Facility management receives insights to monitor and assess a building’s equipment using key performance indicators. This makes it easier to spot any departure from the norm.

Tenants get an overview of what they are paying for and how they can improve operating efficiency and save money

Users have equipment at their disposal that makes their daily work easy and efficient.

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