Capisol Software

A pure cloud document management platform with integration to your ERP system

Capisol drives easy and efficient digitalisation, controlling a document lifecycle through process automation, integration, storage and secure distribution which enables business processes to be quicker and more efficient.
Integrating into on-premises or cloud customer IT and accounting systems, the Capisol platform takes care of all documentation and distribution needs required in day-to-day business, such as invoicing, scanning documents, linking online records, integrating mobile communications, approval and signing of contracts, with online back-up and storage.
There is strong and growing customer demand as companies acknowledge the benefit of increased process optimisation, improved administrative accuracy and efficiency, with growing requirements for high data security. COVID19 and remote working has further increased the demand for companies to operate efficiently in the cloud.
Capisol offers their pure cloud platform as Software as a Service (SaaS) featuring 'pay-as-you-use' pricing with no long-term contracts.
Through digitalisation Capisol aims to solve and add value to:
•  Cash collection processes
•  Proof-of-delivery (POD) management
•  Staff efficiency
•  Document management and security
•  Compliance
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