Capstone ESG IoT Platform (Elementum)

Capstone Technologies Holdings LLC ұсынады

IoT Platform & consulting services re: use case development for water and energy optimization

Capstone offers consulting and assessment services focused on ES&G performance and Sustainability goals specifically focused on the water/energy nexus and the efficiencies and optimization technologies centered around IoT deployments on the Azure cloud platform.   Any enterprise, public or private utilities as well as any Smart City initiatives. are all prime candidates that can use our ES&G ranking as well as sustainability assessment capabilities.  

Capstone delivers customer-focused desired business OUTCOMES that create MEASURABLE VALUE.  To accomplish this, we perform a comprehensive analysis of the customer’s existing operational and infrastructure status in order to establish and understand the current environment.  By doing this, Capstone aligns value-based outcomes for ES&G and Sustainability for a utility, private enterprise or a community, providing a roadmap for solution development and technology deployment.     This methodology provides

·       Purpose:

1.       Infrastructure assessment

2.       Financial and ROI analysis

·       Process:

1.       Detailed gathering and examination of data and historical records in these areas 

2.       Energy Management Practices

3.       Cloud based automated reporting structure

·       Payoff:

1.       Clear path for the coming ES&G requirements

2.       Community sustainability

3.       Economic growth  

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