Big Data as a Service

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Fully-Managed Big Data as a Service, with Automated, Secure Cloudera EDH Solutions for Analytics/ML

Cazena is the First Fully-Managed and Automated Big Data as a Service. Get a production-grade big data stack on Azure, ready for data loading and analytics, with no admin time or special skills required. Cazena costs 50%+ less than alternatives, with 99% faster deployment times and 100% success rate. Why run your own big data platform, when you could focus on analytic innovation instead?

Fully-Managed, End-to-End: Cazena delivers turnkey cloud solutions for data and analytics, with no assembly required. Get everything in automated and fully-managed solutions, which include Azure infrastructure (Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure VMs, Azure Premium Storage, etc.), Cloudera EDH (Hadoop/Spark), analytics engines, enterprise security, hybrid capabilities and more. Cazena offers a concierge-style Azure experience, with DevOps built-in and 24x7 support. 

The Easiest Spark Solution for Analytics, ML and Data Science: Teams use Cazena for analytics, data lakes, data science, customer insights and other data projects. It’s the easiest way to deploy a production-ready Hadoop/Spark platform on Azure. Cazena supports many methods, from SQL, R and Python to Microsoft Power BI and an AppCloud of partner capabilities.

50%+ Less Than Alternatives: On average, Cazena subscriptions are 1/2 the cost of running your own data platforms. That’s because most DIY environments require expensive technical and DevOps resources. Instead, Cazena is automated, optimized and fully-managed, from deployments to operations to ongoing upgrades. Cazena offers the best TCO for analytics workloads in the cloud.

Reduce Risk and Ensure Availability: Operating big data environments is complex and critical. Administration should never be an afterthought or part-time job. Upgrades must be validated and tested. Patching can’t be ignored. Cazena’s operations, monitoring and security expertise reduces risk, and ensures platforms are safe and current. 

Why Cazena Big Data as a Service?

  • Launch Quickly: Solutions are provisioned on Azure by Cazena, delivered in hours, ready for data loading and analytics. Enterprise deployments in ~2 to 4 weeks.
  • 50%+ Less Than Alternatives: The automated, fully-managed model helps you manage cloud costs and scale intelligently. Save on admin time, headcount and consulting.
  • Improve Agility: Increase analytic capabilities instantly, and support existing tools and emerging methods. Store datasets once for secure global access and collaboration.
  • Enterprise-Ready: Easily pass internal reviews, thanks to an industry-leading security model and compliance certifications.
  • Leadership and Expertise: Cazena is enterprise and cloud savvy, staff to leadership. Cazena is the next-gen data platform from the former Netezza leaders. 
  • Guaranteed & Proven: Customers in travel, pharma, financial services and other industries rely on Cazena.

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