ClipTraining Teams App


The ClipTraining library contains 5000+ short-form video lessons on Microsoft products

Are you in need of fast, efficient and trackable Microsoft training?

Are you looking to offer your employees immediate access to a curated learning experience from within Microsoft Teams? 

Do you want a means of offering asynchronous managed training programs?

Are your internet security policies making it increasingly difficult to find what you are looking for with a web search?

Do you have employees that struggle to reach their true potential because they are hampered by an incomplete understanding of common tools like Word, Excel and Powerpiont

Are you overwhelmed by the seemingly endless configurability of your increasingly important Security settings?

ClipTraining Helps your business thrive by bringing the right training directly to your employees

The ClipTraining Teams application offers a customizable library of over 5000 short-form video lessons on Microsoft 365, end-user security awareness, and private channels to delivery your own learning content. Future releases will include the capability to collaborate on specific content and collateral directly in your relevant Team.

With ClipTraining you can:

  • Build Company specific training programs, making relevant training for your product suite more discoverable
  • Monitor employee progress and training completion to maintain internal development programs and validate competencies (via Microsoft Graph)
  • Improve productivity by creating a deeper understanding of tools and processes
  • Save topics of interest and learn at your own pace using the built-in tracking capabilities
  • On-board new employees and sure they are set-up for success with software specific training in the areas that matter most.

Get Started Today

Download the application through Teams today to try it for yourself and explore our library of content. Click Contact Me to learn about bulk licensing and rapid deployment opportunities.

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