DBrow - Secure Database Browser

AdvaONE LLC ұсынады

A smart and secure database browser to enhance collaboration & compliance.


  • Designed for both your Technical and Non-Technical Users.
  • Database records can be shared via friendly URLs - sent by email, attached to a ticket e.t.c.
  • Enhances enterprise knowledge sharing - Unlimited query history and saved queries.
  • Data Security:

  • Secure access to your databases with Enterprise Single Sign-on (Azure Active Directory).
  • Setup fine grained department or group level access rules to databases.
  • Increased traceability - users query activities saved for audit purposes.
  • No need to share database passwords across your user base.
  • Database ports can be locked down to specific applications and IPs only.
  • Visualization & Reporting:

  • Easy data visualization: your favorite queries can be viewed and shared as Charts.
  • Ability to export data.
  • Compliance:
  • Secure and control access to your databases to meet regulatory compliance (PCI-DSS, HIPAA) standards.
  • Ability to mask sensitive data.
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