dialog Multi Source Feedback (DMSF)

dialog ұсынады

Dialog Multi-Source-Feedback (DMSF) offers executives systematic, scientifically-based feedback.

Dialog Multi-Source-Feedback (DMSF) offers executives feedback in a systematic, evidence-based form. You can choose which perspectives the managers receive their feedback from. In addition to a self-assessment and the assessment given by the employees, perspectives from the direct manager, customers, colleagues or others, can be included in the online feedback. Managers can use the insights gained through the feedback to further their development in a targeted and needs-based way.

With the help of the DMSF software, you can manage the administration of the surveys yourself, have invitation emails sent automatically and download the reports that have been created. The questionnaires can be filled in online on desktop computers and mobile devices. The result reports are clearly laid out and graphically appealing. The software meets the requirements of the GDPR.

You can choose between an empirically proven and tested standard questionnaire and a solution developed specifically for you. You can use the standard questionnaire straight away. It consists of 9 dimensions of managerial behaviour, a scale for team culture and three scales for assessing the stress, commitment and work satisfaction of the employees. The scales take into account the latest scientific findings from leadership research and psychology and are particularly well-suited for deriving targeted measures to improve the leadership and communication behaviour of your managers. If you choose a specifically developed solution, we will develop the questionnaire specifically with regard to your goals.

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