Digital Guardian DLP for MS Teams

Digital Guardian ұсынады

Visibility and control into MS Teams chats and files to prevent data loss

Teams is rapidly establishing itself as a cornerstone of enterprise computing. According to Microsoft, more than 145 million active users now rely on the business communication platform for workforce collaboration. Underscoring its skyrocketing popularity, Teams usage has increased more than sevenfold from its pre-pandemic levels of 20 million active users in November 2019.


Digital Guardian’s endpoint DLP is now seamlessly integrated with Teams enabling organizations to:

·         Enhance visibility and endpoint control over Teams messages and shared files for maximum protection against insider threats and associated data loss

·         Includes coverage for information shared in one-on-one sessions, meetings, groups, and broadcast channels

·         Apply Microsoft Information Protection sensitivity labels to confidential documents in Teams to optimize their existing security investments

·         Ensure compliance with exacting data protection regulations and privacy laws including GDPR and PCI DSS


Providing near real-time data visibility, Digital Guardian analyzes all Teams messages and their attachments, compares them to established DLP policies, and alerts security teams to any violations. Importantly, Digital Guardian DLP for Microsoft Teams performs keyword searches around all messages and attachments, delivering broader context into potential insider threats. Identifying the highest-risk incidents, the solution’s automated remediation removes those messages or attachments that violated an organization’s data handling and protection policy. Offering unmatched usability and actionability, Digital Guardian also enables manual review of policy violations, arming security analysts with the ability to execute remediations as needed.

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