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Seamless billing and payment processes to improve operational efficiency and increase revenue.

Deliver the Payment Options and Methods Your Customers Demand

Duck Creek Billing enables P&C carriers to offer flexible billing and payment choices based on evolving customer needs. Whether offering single pay for a homeowners policy, pay-as-you-go for workers’ compensation, or a multi-installment plan for commercial policies, Duck Creek Billing provides the tools needed to configure customer-focused, equity-friendly plans. Duck Creek Billing accelerates speed to market, enhances operational effectiveness, and enables carriers to get back to what they do best: selling insurance.

Enhance customer experiences and improve payment collection

Customer-focused payment and follow-up options are key to maximizing receivables collection and minimizing delinquency. Provide insureds simplicity and convenience. Create rules and communications aligned to ideal customer journeys, automatically trigger payment reminders, issue late payment penalties, or reward early bill payment.

Improve agent and broker satisfaction

In today’s competitive market, agent and broker compensation helps drive policy business placement. Create tailored agency commission plans, offer incentive plans via commission adjustments, and conveniently direct deposit across all levels of the distribution hierarchy.

Drive efficiency through configuration

Low-code tools enable quick configuration of the bill plans your customers demand. Out-of-the-box sample bill plans, billing forms, and leading integrations improve speed to market, supporting faster promotion to production for your new and updated billing options. Incorporate the broader P&C insurance ecosystem into the billing lifecycle with pre-built partner integrations.

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