Project Management Office (PMO) Software

Ecoeffy SAS ұсынады

Manages the Investment and Innovation Projects Office.

In fact, 70% of projects do not deliver what was promised to the customer. This represents a significant waste of money and resources: lost opportunities and even lost customers.

Our software helps in the mission of detecting, qualifying, selecting, coordinating and controlling the organization's projects. It performs an adequate follow-up to each opportunity and each project; going through the phases of:

 -Ideation or identification of the opportunity. 
 - Conceptualization, formulation, evaluation and strategic fit.
 - Economic and technical prefeasibility. 
 - Allocation of resources for development: engineering, contracting, permits and licenses and financial closure. 
 - Execution, construction and start-up.  
 - Start-up.  
 - Closing

Agile organization of the evolution and maturation of projects; including document management, integration with corporate systems (mainly ERPs), discussion and authorization procedures for project approval and detailed monitoring of the execution of tasks, to ensure that they are actually carried out. 

We have digitized the process of weighting, tracking and evolution of the pipeline of: investment projects, innovation projects, improvement opportunities and service or construction projects for clients.  

We are aware that project information is often not properly used due to lack of homogeneity and integrity, so we created a platform that integrates information from various sources. 

We know that any solution must be customized according to the nature of your projects and your governance model. As an IT solution, it is very useful to organize ideas and track the entire project portfolio of a complex organization subject to continuous improvement and high competitiveness in the markets. It focuses on ensuring the management of high volumes of information from the process of ideation, evaluation, development and execution of investment projects and innovation projects. 

Our application integrates with Microsoft Planner, Microsoft project, SAP, Oracle, Windows 10 Pro, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

The integration of all information in a single application, allows the creation of KPIs for critical project processes, along with the organization and analysis of critical documents, cost and time analysis for typical activities.

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