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Geoscience and reservoir engineering platform to compile and visualize data from oil and gas fields

RMS™ is an industry-leading geoscience and reservoir engineering collaboration platform, offering geophysicists, geologists and reservoir engineers a shared space to compile and visualize a wide range of data from oil and gas fields. This powerful and highly integrated software suite is used throughout the seismic interpretation, well log interpretation and correlation, mapping, geomodeling, gridding, and basic flow simulation workflow stages.

RMS Benefits

  • RMS adds value throughout the reservoir life cycle.
  • Propagates knowledge to decision makers in a single, integrated application.
  • Delivers reliable and accurate reservoir models that increase return on investment in the reservoir.
  • Accelerates field development through more collaboration and a deeper analysis of the model.
  • Quantifies geological risk across the entire value chain, for faster, better decision-making.
  • Optimizes your team’s experience and knowledge.

RMS Features

  • Strong technical capabilities for all kinds of plays, including complex structural geometries
  • Unique structure uncertainty workflow for improved 3D models and uncertainty handling
  • Super model handling capacity (high-performance gridder)
  • Multi-platform (Linux and Windows)
  • Flexible workflow manager, focused on automated, updatable and reproducible processes
  • Best-in-class modeling technology
  • Cost-efficient development and integration of customized solutions using Roxar API
  • Using RMS Plugins, create interfaces and visualization using JavaScript HTML5
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