Wiseleap Deicing Manager

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A comprehensive data management software to capture, store and analyse aircraft deicing operations.

Deicing Manager – Turn your deicing data into decisions

In the aviation industry, many organizations still rely on archaic systems to process data and such systems can limit communication between operational silos.

We integrate technology and digital solutions to better handle challenges. Being more efficient in the decision-making process is one of the most important challenge for aviation professionals.


  • Revenue leakage / Cost control
  • Poor visibility over operations, especially when they are outsourced
  • Total time wasted due to operational inefficiencies across all operations (above and below the wing)
  •  Poor access to decision making data


  • Your needs - We identify your needs to better develop a solution suitable for your organization
  •  Customization - We develop a customized solution for your structure
  • Implementation - We implement the solution and train your users with a dedicated team
  • Assistance - We support you 24/7 all over the world


  • Less Glycol used due to better concentration monitoring
  • Shorter time on the ground: less delays and penalties
  • Better bottom line due to reduction of time spent on the ground
  • Invoicing sent in minutes versus weeks

More than a provider. A business partner.

We guide our customers into their digital transition with a dedicated team customizing their solutions.

We support you in your day-to-day, providing  24/7 support around the world.

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