Doberman Managed Service

Emyode ұсынады

Doberman is a managed service coupled with a virtual watchdog for your business applications.


(This application is available in ENGLISH and FRENCH).

Emyode - Doberman IP is a managed service coupled with a virtual watchdog for your business applications which enables you to retain control over their rapid evolution despite the exponential increase in technological complexity.

Offered with all our service agreements, this dashboard can easily be integrated into your existing tools in order to centralize all key elements of application management, from proactive monitoring to Azure consumption costs, plus access to expert support and automated documentation of Azure subscriptions.


Direct access to a cost-effective team of experts available on demand to offset the lack of expertise or capacity.

You are connected to Experts from Emyode and Microsoft to help you drive more projects faster by getting access to a complete Microsoft certified team using a 3-week iteration process.


Reduced time-to-market of new features by having an automated and simple monitored delivery model backed by DevOps experts.

Our service gives access to insights for DevOps best practices implementation integrated with VSTS to deliver your needs in production more rapidly.


Reduce maintenance, license and development costs using just-in-time resource allocations.

Our service optimizes your Azure costs by leveraging Cloudyn features and DevOps automation to modulate capacity based on actual need.

Simplify the Evolution of your Applications with our Doberman Managed Services.

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