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Bring customer service to the next level (and to Microsoft Teams)

Seamless customer service with Microsoft Teams extended with WhatsApp

Omnichannel Social Messaging directly from within Microsoft Teams

Since the smartphone era, telephones are no longer used just for making calls. WhatsApp has grown into the primary medium of group communications for both young and old. In most EU countries, WhatsApp adoption rates are above 80% nowadays. Add to that the fact that also other social messaging apps are booming (like Facebook Messenger, Twitter / Instagram DMs, Telegram or Signal) to realize that just adding a contact form on one's website is not enough anymore. Today, customers simply expect to be able to also communicate with businesses on those same channels. Consequently, it is simply inevitable for any self-respecting company to add social chat to their communications platforms. Or even better: integrating it to the communications hub they already use!

Meet EVA, Enreach' virtual agent. She works wonders!

Familiar to most businesses: customer contacts fly in from all directions and land in any number of email inboxes. They are isolated and may not get answered, leaving customers frustrated. How great would it be to facilitate live chats from multiple social sources directly into one central touchpoint? Preferably, a conversational hub your employees are already use Microsoft Teams. That is exactly what Enreach offers with EVA. No matter how your customers choose to get in touch, all communications are channeled into MS Teams, where every member of your team can jump on to the conversation.

Enreach Virtual Agent creates the experience customers love. When they visit your website, EVA offers the possibility to chat using their preferred channel - whether that's WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs, Twitter or Telegram. Thanks to extended conversational AI features, EVA welcomes your customers, and answers their questions quickly and intelligently at every stage of their journey.

Leveraging Microsoft Teams as chat and social messaging hub for next-level customer service

Regardless of which channel your customer prefer; thanks to EVA all social chat conversations are centralized into Microsoft Teams. From there, employees can answer incoming messages directly from the communication environment they already use, or forward them to the right colleague. This allows you to organize customer service more efficiently and customers are contacted more quickly.

EVA's Features

  • Omnichannel Social Chat for Microsoft Teams
  • Contact Widget
  • Reliable Appearance
  • Chat + Voice / Video = Contact Magic
  • Help your customers to help themselves

Why Enreach Virtual Agent?

  • EVA saves you time and money
    So many of the same questions, so much time answering them. When you and your team are busy spinning plates and juggling a million tasks, you don’t need to be dragged away from what you’re doing. No problem, leave it to EVA. Routine questions are dealt with swiftly and efficiently.
  • Customers can communicate with you their way
    Your customers can communicate with you the way they feel most comfortable. Chat, call, direct message or message with WhatsApp.
  • Create one-to-one, personal contact at any scale
    Make every customer feel special and understood. The functionality helps you offer support and create conversations that are useful, meaningful and natural.
  • Simplicity all the way
    The service is built for simplicity. There’s no coding and the initial setup to take your first steps is a breeze. You can easily customize everything to suit your business perfectly.
    We’re here to hold your hand all the way to get you going. Just think of EVA as an extra member of your team.

Getting Started

  1. Schedule a demo
  2. Fill in the basic company information
  3. Get a free platform trial account
  4. Connect your favorite channels
  5. Add our Contact Widget to your website
  6. Invite some colleagues
  7. Talk to your customers

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