Actio SII for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Vat information solution

The vat information solution developed by Actio Procesos & tecnologías allows you to create standardized files for sending to AEAT, as well as communicate with it, both for sending information as active listening to manage the AEAT response.

The VAT ACTIO SII application will allow you:

    • Data transformation: The mapping module translates the data into the XML schema agreed by AEAT, including the minimum required data (type of registration, operation, billing data).
    • Registration: In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central the invoice data (sent and received) is registered.
    • Validation: The syntactic validation process responsible for certifying the XML file has been built according to the structure defined by the AEAT, avoiding later rejections.
    • Connection: Automatic delivery is made to the electronic AEAT headquarter´s through direct and secure connectivity via the Web Services protocol.
    • Integration: AEAT returns a message with the result of its validation system. The states (complete acceptance, partial acceptance or complete rejection), These messages let you know the status of the document in the AEAT, being collected in the application for possible modification and / or consultation.
    • Historical documents: The System Log stores the information from the log books sent to the AEAT and the responses sent by the AEAT.

"This application is available only in Spanish"

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