FrontStage as a Service V5.0

FrontStage Technologies ұсынады

FrontStage is an Omni-channel Contact Centre platform natively integrated within Microsoft Teams.

FrontStage brings the flexibility of a single point of control for all the communication channels of your Omni-Channel communication strategy. You can replace your existing heterogeneous environment comprised of single-purpose applications with just one platform. FrontStage can integrate with all critical enterprise information systems. It will interoperate smoothly with your business processes and specific line-of-business applications. If any specific applications or workflows are missing, then they can be added as a custom module to ensure that there is not a single link missing from your overall communications strategy and business processes. By using progressive technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning, FrontStage will automate recurrent processes and improve the quality of your comprehensive customer care. FrontStage will play a key role in enhancing the customer experience (CX) and collating invaluable data on customer interactions and requirements. The next-generation FrontStage solutions will improve your customers' loyalty, your knowledge of their behaviour and dramatically reduce your operating expenses. Using these tools, you can directly impact your most valuable customers and enhance their customer experience.

FrontStage for Microsoft Teams is an application developed natively for the Teams platform. Microsoft provides complete Private Branch Exchange (PBX) capabilities for your organization through Phone System. To use FrontStage in combination with Microsoft Teams, connecting Phone System to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is necessary. To connect Phone System to the PSTN, you can choose from the following options:

  • Calling Plan. An all-in-the-cloud solution with Microsoft as your PSTN carrier.
  • Operator Connect. With Operator Connect, if your existing carrier participates in the Microsoft Operator Connect program, they can manage PSTN calling and Session Border Controllers (SBCs).
  • Direct Routing, which enables you to use your own PSTN carrier by connecting your Session Border Controller(s) (SBC) to Phone System.

FrontStage also supports a combination of options, enabling you to design a solution for a complex environment or manage a multi-step migration. Whichever approach is adopted, FrontStage is fully integrated with the Microsoft Teams client application for all FrontStage users. FrontStage for Microsoft Teams provides state-of-the-art contact centre services instantly through a private cloud. It brings the benefits of fast service commissioning, high service quality with lower requirements, and lower internal IT support costs.

Modern cloud services offer a wide range of related services from the areas of both infrastructure (Disaster Recovery, Virtual Data Replication, data storage etc.) and applications (connection to private/public voice services, artificial intelligence tools, social networks and their native messaging platforms, analytical tools and BI etc.). If a customer opts for this form of cloud service then they can still benefit from FrontStage's close integration with the corporate on-premise ICT infrastructure: automatic sign-on to FrontStage for users included in the enterprise domain (Active Directory), integration with on-premise information systems (CRM, ERP, LoB applications etc.), and connection to the on-premise communication infrastructure (Direct Routing). When the cloud is closely integrated with on-premise systems, the set-up represents a hybrid cloud infrastructure that is generally considered to have the best prospects for future development.

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