Genesys Engage CX Contact


An omnichannel outbound campaign management solution for better customer relationships.

CX Contact is an omnichannel, outbound campaign management solution that enables you to proactively reach out your customers in an agile and fully compliant way.  It's designed to be easily managed by the business user, providing the agility your organization needs when it comes to how and when to communicate with customers and prospects.

CX Contact is equipped with a built in self-service, email and SMS content management system that enables easy and repeated use of pre-set campaign strategies. The list manager needs no database manipulation skills, and allows the users to easily set profiles and segments to leverage different contact strategies and channels.  Every uploaded contact record enriched with global compliance data, enables the business users to consistently manage all regulatory requirements in global, regional or local level.

Proactive informational and personalized outreach not only creates long-lasting relationships, it can also help your operations by decreasing the volume of inbound calls into your contact center.  When it comes to your outbound strategy, omnichannel engagement is critical because highly personalized, timely and relevant notifications sent using your customer’s preferred channel, makes engaging easy and drives customer loyalty.
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