Gosocket is a Business Network based on Electronic Invoices issued and received in Latin American co

Open Business Network that provides services and tools to facilitate the sending and receiving of electronic invoicing information, which has the ability to connect neutrally to any company and its ecosystems of customers and suppliers based on the universal language of each business, its Invoices.

In Gosocket you can find a solution with the following benefits:

Document Administration Gosocket allows any company to improve its tax document management processes, such as electronic invoices and purchase orders, within a single platform.

Reports generation. Ability to generate reports from your Billing and thus make better decisions in your business.

Advance of accounts receivable. Electronic discount solution of invoices that allows companies to anticipate accounts receivable from their electronic invoices issued.

Payments You can make online payments of invoices through the payment button. It is fast, convenient, secure and allows you to reduce operating time lapses through automatic online payment.

Regional Support As part of our added value, we have a regional support area with very high service levels that allows us to serve our users and resolve their concerns.

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