Hume Platform- Graph-powered Insights Engine | NLP

GraphAware Inc.

Creates a knowledge graph from your data, with focus on unstructured data using advanced NLP/U & ML

The Hume platform is an NLP-focused, Graph-Powered Insights Engine.

It creates a digital twin of your business in the form of a Collaborative Knowledge Graph which surfaces critical but previously buried and undetected relevance in your organization.

This newly accessible relevance can be surfaced and used in a variety of ways as shown below.

Business User Capabilities

  • Conceptual / Predictive Search
    • -Combine Hume’s Collaborative Knowledge Graph with Elasticsearch to search your data more effectively.
    • -Search API, Elasticsearch Integration plugins, Auto-suggest/Autocomplete
  • Dynamic Chat and Conversation
    • -Dynamic translation from natural language to Cypher for dynamic answers
    • -Open-domain Question Answering over knowledge graph
  • Q&A over text docs
  • Dashboards (custom delivery)
    • -Combine filtering and search
    • -Context aware graph viz & exploration, geo dashboards

Key Features

  • Collaborative Knowledge Graph (CKG)
  • Robust NLP/NLU engine (up to 99% precision, 90% recall)
  • Part of Speech tagging
  • Dependency Parsing
  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Co-Reference
  • First production usable TextRank algorithm
  • Keyword & Concept Extraction (using TextRank)
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Enrichment
  • Multi-language doc & concept comparison/analysis
  • Ontology support
  • Using existing customer ontologies (or from scratch using Hume.Labs)
  • Entity Linking & Disambiguation to leverage other KBs more effectively
  • Routing/Alerting/Notifications/Doc Classification
  • Management API and UI (including schemas)
  • Ingestion / dsource transform & mapping to schema
  • Indexing (for contextual info retrieval) combo of Graph & Elasticsearch
  • Dynamic search/retrieve from graph
  • Generating more connectedness using other KBs (WikiData, ConceptNet, internal KBs, taxonomies etc)
  • Image recognition / processing / enrichment

Advanced NLP/U Custom Algorithms
  • Word Embeddings (Word2Vec)
  • Doc Embeddings (Doc2Vec)
  • Entity Relationships extraction (RNN, CNN, SVM)
  • Classification based Doc2Vec & K-means
  • Intent based on Bayesian and others
  • Text Summarization
  • Text Clustering (LDA & LDA over Apache Spark)
  • Entity Linking / Disambiguation

Scalable & highly-available

  • Infinitely scalable NLP engine & HA Knowledge Graph


  • Map domain so Hume understands the language of your enterprise

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