Infosys SAP S/4HANA – Intelligent Order Creation

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Sales order creation in SAP S4HANA for CPG

The sales order creation process in today’s industry is a tedious, cumbersome, and slow manual process. It is prone to errors and delays, and with a sheer number of orders there are, the cost becomes very high. CPG industry is under tremendous pressure from price competition and operating margins. Cutting down operating costs is the need of the hour. Non-EDI orders that constitute about 30% of total orders add substantially to the order management cost. Microsoft Azure AI-based Document Extraction service “Form Recognizer” provides us the ability to extract information from incoming documents, apply advanced machine learning algorithms to it and present data in the form of key-value pairs and even help extract tables. A persona-based rich user experience built on Business Technology Platform using SAPUI5 provides decision support to the user to take the best possible action and create the sales orders in the system.

Business Challenges

  • High cost and operating margins
    • Creating a sales order is a tedious manual process
    • Error-prone and time-consuming process
    Solution Overview

    • Using cognitive services, match the incoming order to relevant templates or create new templates
    • Using deep learning algorithms-based Azure Form Recognizer, ‘read’ incoming document data
    • One time mapping of the template to SAP objects at field level
    • Using either manual validation or auto-approval, post the order in SAP S/4HANA

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