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Make training and maintenances as simple as possible with dimeo !

This application is available in English and French.

Dimeo allows you to create your own training and maintenances modules in Mixed Reality, with simple creatives tools and intuitives guides. The goal : Make any operator able to learn and perform autonomously any task in no time.
To achieve that, visual indications will be direcly added in the field of view of operators thanks to Mixed Reality technology, to indicate where & how to perform the desired tasks.

Dimeo was designed for industrials processes, to optimize the learning and performing time of your operators, by reducing them by half. The solution is easy to implement in any working environment, by not requiring any internet connection to work, and being very simple to use.

Dimeo also improves the knowledge transmision in your company, by resolving the Turn-Over and retirement problems.
The learning has never been so easy with this Step-by-Step and Learning by Doing procedure, allowing users to become autonomous and operational in no time.

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