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InsideView Marketing Suite


Grow your addressable market and target prospects more effectively with industry-leading B2B data.

Now you can align your sales and marketing teams around the same company and contact data that feeds Insights, powered by InsideView, so you can collaborate on which accounts to target and coordinate engagement.

The InsideView Marketing Suite solves these marketing challenges:

  • Too many dirty, incomplete leads
  • Not enough prospects that match your ideal customer profile
  • Unreliable account data
  • Poor sales and marketing alignment

A Healthier Pipeline: The InsideView Marketing Suite automatically enriches your leads with complete, up-to-date information as they enter Dynamics 365. Reduce the number of fields you need to capture and increase form fill rates up to 40%, while decreasing cost per lead. You’ll have more actionable leads to grow a healthier pipeline and improve conversion rates.

More Reliable Data: The InsideView Marketing Suite enables you to routinely and automatically keep your account data clean so you can target prospects and aim your messages more precisely. You’ll have fine-grain control over how and when to make updates, defining precisely which records and fields you want to update.

InsideView Data is aggregated and validated from more than 40,000 media, financial, editorial and social sources, using AI technology. With the InsideView Marketing Suite, you’ll have access to a universe of more than 13 million companies and 30 million contacts worldwide.

A Larger Pool of Ideal Prospects: The InsideView Marketing Suite empowers you to build highly customized company and contact lists based on dozens of filters, including demographics, firmographics, industry codes, news, keywords, and more. Use it to identify more ideal prospects and upload them into Dynamics 365 to expand your total addressable market (TAM) and discover more decision-makers at your targeted accounts to cover everyone on the buying committee.

Targeted Campaign Lists: You can also use the list building capabilities to narrow your focus for highly targeted, relevant campaigns and account based marketing (ABM) programs.

Sales and Marketing Alignment: InsideView literally wrote the book on sales and marketing alignment (Aligned to Achieve: How to Unite Your Sales and Marketing Teams into a Single Force for Growth). One way we help customers achieve this sometimes elusive goal is by providing a single source of reliable company and contact data that can fuel your go-to-market engine from the top of the funnel to revenue won.

Why InsideView?

Integrated seamlessly into Dynamics 365, the InsideView Marketing Suite is the #1 data solution for Dynamics 365 for Marketing. It’s built on the same data that feeds Insights, powered by InsideView, the sales intelligence solution Microsoft includes in online licenses of Dynamics 365 in the U.S. and Canada.