Intapp Collaboration and Content

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Collaboration and Content by Intapp consolidates communication & document sharing using MSFT Teams

    1. Intapp Workspaces provides users with powerful case management tools on Microsoft Teams. Intapp Workspaces extends Microsoft Teams to provide engagement-centric experiences, 360-degree insights, and automatic lifecycle management for firms. The software helps streamline collaboration, connecting distributed teams while automatically preserving your firm’s security and compliance standards. The resulting changes free your professionals from administrative burdens, letting them focus on working together to better serve clients and successfully deliver on complex, multidisciplinary work.
    2. Intapp Documents supports information management through the familiar and convenient interface of Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint. Intapp Documents turns Microsoft SharePoint into a purpose-built document management system that serves the unique needs of professional services firms. Intapp Documents orchestrates content management across all of your data sources to provide full lifecycle visibility and enhanced collaboration, and lets you use Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint to create shared content and collaborate using customized user experiences with built-in file synchronization and interoperability.
    3. Intapp Client Collaboration provides new capabilities for sharing information with external parties. Collaborating remotely can expose your firm to critical security risks, such as accidentally sharing sensitive information with the wrong person or team, which can have huge financial and reputational implications. Intapp Client Collaboration elevates your existing Microsoft 365 technology to a purpose-built collaboration solution, allowing you to work on and manage documents safely and efficiently with clients within a shared external collaboration portal. Secure file sharing, built-in workflows, version tracking, and templated client collaboration work spaces help your teams better manage information-sharing and co-authoring so they can collaborate with confidence.
    4. Intapp Documents for Corporate Legal transforms the way in-house legal teams work and streamlines corporate legal matter management. Intapp Documents for Corporate Legal delivers a comprehensive matter management solution for corporate legal departments. Using familiar Microsoft 365 applications, the software streamlines matter instruction, triage, and allocation, as well as ongoing matter management. You gain comprehensive matter-centric document and email management, as well as data-driven reporting, insights, and analytics. Built on the Microsoft 365 platform, Intapp Documents for Corporate Legal connects your people, processes, and data to help transform legal operations and deliver efficiency, scalability, and productivity for your legal professionals.

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