iRel8 is a peer-to-peer, anonymous mental wellness social network.

1 in 5 adults experience a mental health issue in any given year; however 5 in 5 people are affected. iRel8's goal is twofold; stop the stigma with mental health and provide peer support 24/7/365 through a mobile app (available now in both app stores iOS and Android). iRel8 believes people have an innate need to connect with each other and we're proactively using Microsoft technology to make a positive impact on mental health. iRel8 is currently available in 54 languages with real-time translation built-in and brings a community of people together in a safe forum of peers who have “been there, done that” in order to help and heal.

Today, iRel8 serves communities in need including everyday people, veterans, emergency responders, probation/parole departments, celebrities, athletes, artists, teens and young adults, and employees in the workplace.

Mental wellness doesn't discriminate and has no borders. Be part of the solution and download iRel8 today.

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