Kezzler Traceability Platform

Kezzler AS ұсынады

World leading cloud-based enterprise solution for product digitization and traceability

Product digitization and Traceability platform delivered as MSaaS

Companies expected to provide safe, transparent and connected products

Conscious consumers have a new set of demands and expectations around brand transparency and access to product information. Governments are also setting new standards for companies to ensure they have control of their supply chains and are thereby able to ensure and protect public safety. Traceability is no longer only about having control from manufacturing to the end of the downstream supply-chain and recycling. Increasingly, there is also a demand to track ingredients and raw materials in the upstream supply chain - from source to the final product.

The value of unit-level traceability

Kezzler’s world leading cloud-based enterprise solution for product digitization and traceability helps brands provide a safe, transparent and enhanced product experience. The platform supports the entire product lifecycle from raw material sourcing to meet customer and government requirements, while at the same time improving control of the supply chain and garnering deep insights across their entire value chain through sourcing, production, distribution, consumption and recycling.

Mature, modular and scalable platform

Kezzler’s product digitization and traceability platform is independent of packaging, factory automation, and ERP providers. Highly scalable and flexible, with a rich set of APIs, the platform provides easy integration into the customers’ existing IT/OT architecture helping businesses overcome the initial threshold of implementation. 

Using GS1 standards like the GS1 Digital Link, EPCIS and SSCC, Kezzler works to alleviate the need to make wholesale changes to the customer’s existing supply chain processes. Extremely scalable technology, with patented core technologies gives Kezzler a competitive advantage in handling massive volumes: the technologies is currently used in the world´s largest commercial serialization project, with product volumes in the billions. Can be used to solve anything from basic product authentication to high volume, high complexity traceability scenarios.

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