L7 Enterprise Science Platform (L7|ESP)

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L7|ESP - Data + Intelligence for the Scientific Enterprise

In today’s data-driven world, organizations can use data to unlock innovation, but too often, that potential is hidden away behind information silos, manual processes, ineffective point solutions, and disjointed legacy systems.

L7 Informatics reimagines data intelligence for modern life sciences and healthcare organizations. Beyond simple data management, L7 provides tools that optimize the flow of information between process and people, unlocking innovation at every stage of the clinical, research, and manufacturing value chains. In other words, L7 Informatics helps life sciences, research, and manufacturing organizations reimagine data intelligence for the modern age.

The L7 Enterprise Science Platform, or L7|ESP, is a unified platform that puts data at the center of your operations, driving efficiency and fueling discovery. Using L7|ESP flexible and collaborative operating environment, organizations can transform unstructured information into the building blocks of scientific discovery and business growth.​

L7|ESP is available across 5 verticals:

  • L7|Precision Therapeutics: strengthen the understanding between process, product, and patient outcomes – from research-to-commercialization.
  • L7|Precision Diagnostics: streamline and automate workflows and data-capture across the clinical pathway, with traceability-and-tracking (CoI/C), with full auditability – from diagnosis-to-results.
  • L7|Precision Medicine: automate and accelerate diagnostic processes – from order-to-sample, and results-to-report.
  • L7|Precision Research: automate and improve research life-cycle processes, from experiment-to-insight.
  • L7|Precision Agriculture: deliver complete visibility, control, and compliance – to improve overall velocity and efficiency, from sample-to-report.

L7|ESP available Apps:

From regulatory compliance and workflow orchestration to customized applications and integrations, our end-to-end L7|ESP unified platform helps organizations solve the challenges of today and realize the opportunities of tomorrow.

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