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Bring more sales by deploying your new digital Business Development Representative (BDR).

Automate lead generation and outreach and allow your sales teams to focus on closing deals

Sales Booster simplifies your sales process by removing all the laborious tasks. We take care of the entire sourcing process, from relevant company and decision-maker scouting, through to lead generation, outreach, and finally, direct lead responses. We bring the leads, you close the deals.

We help our partners craft the perfect message using their knowledge of their business and our understanding on how to utilize our AI driven hyper-personalized template system to make sure the message doesn’t go to spam and is delivered to the right contact.

Weekly update meetings with your dedicated account manager and data analyst ensures that the campaign stays on track and can be modified/improved to increase the results.

More than 600 global enterprises are already using Sales Booster.

We bring more sales by becoming your digital Business Development Representative (BDR).

How: Automation, Automation, Automation! Less google searching, data entry and excel sheets, and more time to focus on closing deals.

Why: Time is money! By allowing your team time to focus on qualified prospects rather than repetitive tasks, you increase efficiency and sales.

Sales Booster together with our team of analysts allows you to significantly scale your lead generation and reach at a minimal cost.

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