Compliance to NHS Digital Data Security Protection Toolkit

About DSPT View®

We know from personal experience that Healthcare and Local Government use a great proportion of resource compiling the information necessary to submit the reassessment each year. Moreover, as a point in time snapshot of compliance, random audits tend to identify lapses or errors.
Remediation running up to each assessment also expends resource, but to put it simply, most organisations bound by the requirements of DSPT don't have the endless resource required to check, compile and maintain every aspect of the DSPT standard.

There are many management tools that bring insight into cyber security frameworks and standards that require the use on premise infrastructure, agents, a commitment to infrastructure resources and a high degree of access to your systems to gather the data and report.

DSPT View is a compliance tool to bring insight into your cyber posture and allowing remediation. We have designed this to ensure there is a minimal impact on your on-premise or cloud-based presence with the key aim to release key resources to focus on remediation. We have APIs directly in to three cyber threat intelligence feeds providing near real time data on your vulnerabilities include NHS Digital CareCerts without any manual intervention.

DSPT View can currently provide evidence for 42 mandatory and support an additional 9 non-mandatory (51 total) with a further 9 currently in our roadmaps for 2022 - 2023.

Benefits of DSPT View®

DSPT View: Near real time view of Data Security Protection Toolkit
Our tool consists of:

  • The View: Organisation key performance risk scores
  • Alerts View: A timeline of all of your Defender Alerts
  • Holistic View: Recommended security controls to strengthen your foundations.
  • Cyber View: Aligned to the NCSC for Cyber Essentials.
  • CC View: Aligned to the NHS Digital CareCerts
  • Windows and Server Vulnerabilities View: Insight into your assets
  • Secure Configuration Assessment (Critical Security Controls - CIS)
  • Secure Configuration View (Microsoft)
  • Secure Configuration Assessment (Security Technical Implementation Guides - STIG)
  • Software Inventory: Your installed software, end of support and end of lifecycles.
  • Common Vulnerabilities & Exposure View: All your asset's common vulnerabilities.
  • Certificate Inventory: Catalogue of your asset's certificates.
  • Advanced Threat Protection Health: Your agent health on your assets

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