SMART Stream

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AI-driven identity services enabling users to consume streaming content at kiosks or on devices

AI-driven identity services across the physical and virtual worlds to allow users to consume streaming content either at a kiosk or their own devices


SMART Stream is built on the SMART Recognize App, part of the Mint Identity Platform

Built on the Mint platform SMART Stream leverage the SMART Recognize SaaS service to identify the user and provide the required streaming content based on their identity.

The link between SMART Stream and the Mint Vision Platform

The Mint Platform, and the associated SMART Recognize SaaS application,  automates the Onboarding and Verification, Document Scanning and Presence Management of people. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence Identities are onboarded and verified within a minute, performing multiple cross-checks for BulletProof Verification. Identities and Presence are then managed seamlessly over mobile, Kiosks or in-vehicle devices. Users can be prompted to supply more information, including scanning documents and forms which are automatically classified and made searchable. The Liveness and presence of someone on the platform can be verified and proven at any time, in any location, in a few seconds. And by using our deep integration engine, the results of a check-in or Presence Verification can drive business processes, from proving attendance to tracking rides on transport to checking in at a store. The Mint SMART Identity platform is an advanced, AI-driven, all-in-one identity, presence, and information management platform.

Using SMART Stream

Upon recognition via the SMART Recognize SaaS application, the user will be provided with streaming options to consume content on the go.  This service and application leverage Azure Streaming services [Microsoft Stream] in combination with Azure AAD.  The ability to quiz people post the content, if applicable is facilitated with Microsoft Forms. 

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